Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ankle Sprains & Foot Pains Clinic

Typically as summer winds to an end, families look forward to the beginning of school, the approaching fall season, and fall sports!

At the High School level, athletes participate in football, soccer, cross country, golf, and volleyball. Unfortunately, every new season also brings foot and ankle injuries and put athletes on the sidelines--sometimes for weeks longer than the injury warrants.

As this fall approached, our doctors wanted to facilitate a way to examine, treat, and release athletes more efficiently to allow those athletes to get back to full strength and participation.

In that effort we have developed the Ankle Sprains and Foot Pains Clinic.

Unique Benefits of our new clinic:
  • Saturday Morning walk-in clinic from 8 to 9:30am (no need to wait for Monday or Tuesday appointments)
  • 24 hour on call status with doctors-sports injuries can be seen immediately for examination and x-rays (no unnecessary visits to the ER)
  • 24 hour doctor to trainer access- high school trainers are kept updated on an athlete's status and needed rehabilitation to get to full strength.
  • Guaranteed weekday office visits- Athletes get front of line service and are guaranteed an office visit within 24 hours.
  • In Office MRI, Ultrasound, Digital & Video X-Rays, and Product Center- X-rays show fractures, Video X-Rays so ligament and joint integrity. Get a more thorough diagnosis by utilizing the technology we have available.

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