Monday, March 8, 2010

Shoes for Haiti- SUCCESS!

From February 1st to March 1st, we conducted a "Shoes for Haiti" drive. We set an ambitious goal of 1,000 pairs of shoes and worked with the Spectrum, Cherry Creek Radio, and Canyon Media to get the word out about our drive. It was a major success beyond our imagination.

Our final count came to MORE THAN DOUBLE our original goal.
We collected 2,302 pairs of shoes!
Thank you to all of the Southern Utah community for help.

Donation box at our St. George Location. It was rarely used since most donations were so generous they wouldn't fit in the box so we just took them to the back of the office.

 This picture was taken after only 1 day of donations. We had no idea what a great response we would get.

 Multiple church groups, seminary groups, and community groups ran their own drives in order to collect shoes and donate to ours.

We also want to thank all of our staff for the work they put into getting these shoes paired and boxed
so we could deliver them to the warehouse in Las Vegas. 
A special huge thanks to Marilyn Norton. She took the collections upon herself and did a wonderful job in making sure they were boxed and ready for shipment. This drive never would have been the success it was without all of you!

Not even the doctors' desks were immune from the overflow of shoes.

All of these shoes were brand new and came as a donation to our Cedar City Office. Over 300 pairs of brand new shoes!
 Couldn't fit them all in the back so we had to fill up the inside too!

 The other side.

This is what our storage unit looked like as we tried to manage all the shoes that were coming in.

These are a small portion of the NEW shoes we had donated.
We reboxed them into bigger boxes for shipping.

 Sometimes you just got to stack them where you have room.

The delivery guys.
Dr. Keith Reber and Brock Rasmusen

 Our delivery truck.
The shoes were delivered around 11am on Saturday, March 6th.

The last of the shoes. This trailer and the back of the truck were packed to the brim
with all the donations.
Part of the shoes donated by the wonderful Southern Utah Community.
We had a great response!

 Our shoes will be boxed up like these and shipped to Alabama for sorting and cleaning.

Pretty much every box you can see in this picture is full of shoes
waiting to be shipped to the main warehouse in Alabama where they
sort, clean, repair, and renew shoes before sending them out to Haiti and
other devastated countries. I would imagine some of these will also be routed
to Chile to help with the devastation that has occurred there.

As of Thursday, March 4th, 1.7 million pairs of shoes had been shipped to Haiti,
with that amount or more still being sorted and cleaned for shipment. The response from
people has been amazing!

We want to thank the entire Southern Utah community for the generosity they have shown during this drive. We were happy to do our part and we were so grateful for all the generous donations.


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